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When  you purchase alpacas from our farm:

  • We provide free farm lay-out consultation

  • We provide education on how to give vaccinations, trim their teeth and trim their nails.

    • You will come spend a morning working with our farm staff to doing the necessary treatments to ensure your alpacas stays healthy and safe. 

  • We provide animal consultation for alpacas purchased from our farm.

    • There is a fee of $50.00 for consultation on alpacas not purchased from our farm

  • We will pick up your animals for shearing

    • In a 30 mile radius (cost is dependent on distance)

    • Give yearly vaccinations.

  • We have the alpaca feed available for purchase 

  • We have Hobby farm quality males for purchase. Will need at least two alpacas as they are a herd animal.

  • We have breeding stock, pregnant and non-pregnant females

    • When purchasing two or more discount package available

  • Discount breeding fees for female purchased from our farm

Contact us about starting your own herd  at 585-455-1203.

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