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 Lazy Acre Alpacas has been a family ran business for over 20 years.  We are the  largest alpacas farms near me or you in Western New York. We take pride in sharing  our  knowledge about alpaca farming and having you visit our alpaca farm. 


 Enjoy a gentle walking tour of our alpaca farm.
Learn about the different kinds of alpacas and the different types of fleece  they  produce.You will learn how we care for our alpacas in the winter and  summertime.  You will watch a  video of our shearing day and how fleece is  processed into yarn at  a local fiber mill. 




 New Classes this Spring:

  Looking for a fun creative activity, try out the felting classes. You can sign up on  the booking tab under felting class. If you are a beginner there is a class for you or  if you have done some felting, I have an intermediate class. In both classes we will make a gnome. In the beginner the usual gnome in the intermediate class it will be a standing gnome.  





    The Cria Count:
   Nora- had a male cria on 5/3/23name: Noble Knight
   Fiona- had a female cria on 5/12/23 name: Freya
   Davina- had a male cria-
 on 5/24/23 name pending 

Check out our video tour of our farm!


Check out our video of shearing day, the whole process of how the alpacas get a haircut.

Drone footage of the farm!

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