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   Open House:

  October 21st & 22nd 11-4 pm-Free

  No reservations required, a chance to feed the alpacas and goats,

  watch a video on shearing and find some great sales in the store.


 Lazy Acre Alpacas has been a family ran business for over 20 years.  We are the  largest alpaca farm near me or you in Western New York. We take pride in      sharing  our knowledge about alpaca farming and having you visit our alpaca  farm. 

 Enjoy a gentle walking tour of our alpaca farm.  Learn about the different kinds  of  alpacas and the different types of fleece they  produce. You will learn how we  care  for our alpacas in the winter and summertime.  You will watch a video of  our shearing day and how fleece is processed into yarn at  a local fiber mill. 







                                     The Cria Count:
      Nora - had a male cria on 5/3/23 named Noble Knight
      Fiona -had a female cria on 5/12/23 named Freya
      Calina-had a female cria on 5/12/23 named California Dreamer
Davina-had a male cria on 5/24/23 named Donovan 
      Chyou -had a male cria on 5/30/23 named Charleston

      Regina-had a female cria on 6/3/23 named Roxanne Rose    
      Mia - had a female cria on 6/6/23 named Ebony Mae
Crystal-had a male cria on 6/12/23 named Commander Curry
      Lindsey-had a male cria on 6/14/23 named Lincoln
      Bresha- had a male cria on 6/24/23 named Brock 
      Obession- had a male cria on 7/1/23 Oscar
      Baylee- has a male cria on 7/10/23- Brody 

      Pia- had a female cria on 7/12/23 named Padillia, Dilly for short
      Angel- had a female cria on 9/10/23named Arya




Looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your event? Look no further than Lazy Acre Alpacas’. Our fluffy, gentle alpacas will add that extra special touch to your event and create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. Let us help make your event truly special and stand out from the rest.

Bree and Commancho celebrate with Megan & Frank 9/2/23


Check out our video of shearing day, the whole process of how the alpacas get a haircut.

Check out our video tour of our farm!

Drone footage of the farm!

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