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2021 Open House

 Hello Everyone,

 I want to tell you what our open house is all about.  


 In October we do an "Open House" over Columbus Day Weekend. This year it is  October 9th & 10th,  from 10am-4pm.  Visitors are welcome to do a self-guided tour of the farm, pastures and view our  shearing and fleece processing video .  We have informational podiums set up with QR codes as well as  hard copies of the tour for visitors to read or listen to. There will be staff available through out the farm to  answer questions or provide additional information about the farm and alpacas.  

 The gift store will have some great sales going on through-out the weekend. A felted soap demonstration  will take place both Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 1pm. There will be a felting demonstrations both  days at 12 noon and 2pm. A  hand weaving demonstration will take place with alpaca fleece on Sunday.  The time to be determined. 

 This is a free event we offer once a year. No reservations are needed and you are welcome to visit as long as  you like till closing time at 4pm. 

 If you have any questions please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours or visit our  website FAQ's for often asked questions. 


 I am sorry dogs will not be allowed in the barn complex area while the Open House is in progress.

Well, cria delivery season is done. We had four babies this summer Gretta, Napolean, Madonna & Brianna. 
More crias' next year. 


Enjoy yoga any season here at Lazy Acre Alpacas


Gretta and Napolean resting out in the pasture


Meet Henry and Zeke, they are 6months old Nigerian dwarf goats.